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Feminist Times is a place for respectful but dynamic debate and pluralism, including strong disagreement and harmony – a place for radical empathy. We publish viewpoints we don’t hold ourselves because we don’t believe we have all the answers; we believe there’s still much to debate.

We want our readers and writers to be unashamedly honest but never abusive. If we censor honesty we stop our readers from understanding the real issues at the heart of difficult debates and we prevent consciousness raising – how can someone have their mind changed by your ideas if you don’t know what they really think in the first place?

Allowing honesty but not abuse can be a tricky balance. More senate than haven, while we do everything we can to keep our comments boards a safe space, we ask our readers to also use their own judgement in protecting themselves when it comes to topics that may trigger or offend.


Feminist Times holds ALL comments for moderation.  Our team are currently active 10am – 6pm GMT Mon – Friday (except Bank Holidays) so accepted comments posted outside those hours will be published the following day.


Feel free to disagree with ideas in the articles we publish. We want to give a voice to the broadest range of feminist ideas, opinion and stories on Feminist Times. This means we must publish comments that neither you nor we will always agree with, and comments that completely disagree with our writers.


Your comment will not be published if it contains any material that is:

  • Sexist
  • Racist
  • Ageist
  • Transphobic, including deliberate misgendering (ie repeated, or where misgendering is the point of the comment – if we believe it is an isolated mistake we may let a comment through)
  • Homophobic
  • Body-shaming
  • Victim-blaming
  • Personal attacks
  • Threats

Repetitive and aggressive statements posted across the site may be considered trolling and not be published and/or deleted, with the user being banned.

Even if your comment is 90% respectful and constructive, we will not approve it if it violates any of the above guidelines.


We don’t shy away from reporting on controversial issues within feminism. We ask all our readers to feel free to join these debates but to do so in an inquiring, respectful and empathic way. Please don’t shout NO. Ask why.


Like everything, our Comments Policy and our Moderators will not be perfect so please feel free to email us if you are concerned about a comment. Email [email protected] with a screen grab or link to the comment and your reasons why it is offensive.

These guidelines are not exhaustive and we may add more to our comments policy in the future. We’d like your help with this. Like many of you we realise that abuse comes in different guises which change and can be coded to a point where it is difficult to moderate. This is something we’d call on our readers to challenge in our comments threads but also something we’d like you to inform us about. If you believe there is coded abuse in our comments email [email protected] with a screen grab and explanation. Thank you.