Detox Your Body, Thoughts and Life

“I’ve never dieted in my life, I don’t believe in detoxes!”

This was me up until 4 days ago. A whole new world has opened up since. New foods that
I’d never heard of (yummm almond butter! Great substitute for my Nutella addiction ;), salads I’d never made, an eating plan I’d never followed.

You mean people actually eat 3-6 meals a day? I was the brekkie at noon kinda girl (and I still  may well be after the detox, but in a healthier, more aware of what I’m eating kinda way).

You know that moment in time when you realise something you’ve always known and heard about and believed at some level but it never really sank in until then? The one that makes you smack your forehead and go “I get it”?!

Yep. Yeah, that’s the one I had this morning as I bounced out of bed with an energy I haven’t felt in yonks i.e., a very long time. My 4th day of ridding my body of toxins. It’s a “wow, this feels so great I can’t believe I waited so many years to start being healthy” mindset.

Have you noticed how your mind and inner being feel so much lighter when you’re healthier? What you put into your body and mind is what you get out of it. Squeeze the proverbial orange and you won’t get apple juice … y’know how that story goes.

But luckily, there isn’t just one way to do it. You can start with detoxing your thoughts and beliefs and let the ripple effects cascade into your life. Consciously choosing better feeling thoughts will give you more positivity, focus and gusto and this in turn will lead to you feeling more energetic.

Change what goes into your body to change what goes into your mind or vice-versa. Either ways, you win!

Fact is, most of what you eat, do, say, think, feel is a result of habitual patterns. You are living an unconscious life when you don’t take a minute to stop and ask what and why you’re eating, doing, saying, thinking and feeling what you are. How many unhealthy habits do you persist with because you have gotten too lazy, too careless, too comfortable with them?

I know, let’s start with thoughts! Do you know how many thoughts you have in a day? Anywhere from 20,000 – 60,000 apparently. And about 80% of that self-talk is “negative”(source: some scientific research I lost the link to).

Sound like an exaggeration? Consider this: within the span of a few seconds your mental chattering monkey jumps from “Wish I had my coffee” to “I’m sick of this traffic” to “I should have done/said/ xyz” to “Why can’t I just stop thinking so much” to “I hope we’re not having soup for dinner again”. Exhausting, isn’t it?

Truth be told, much of what you believe and think every day comes from societal and parental conditioning. But wait, there’s hope! Just like you can learn to think about the food you eat and what it does for your body, you can also start learning how to think in positive, inspiring ways. That’s right, this is how you can change your self-limiting beliefs to those that serve you.

Here’s the deal. Detoxing the way you think can be hard at first. Just like when you train your body to get rid of toxins and cravings, and don’t build muscles overnight in a gym, it’s the same with your thoughts.  Of course it takes a bit of effort and commitment to see results.

Want some tips to help you start rewriting your ‘story’ & detoxify your thoughts?

1) Practice Awareness daily

– keep a little journal or notebook close at hand and as you think a thought, write it down. At the end of the day you’ll have a fair idea of just how much of your thinking is toxic and unproductive.

2) Start examining these thoughts

are they pointing to a deep rooted belief? What is that belief? Is it true? Or are you just used to thinking a certain way?

3) Open Your Mind

to new ways of thinking. Look at things and situations from more than one perspective. You don’t have to agree with another point of view but you’ll be training yourself to be curious and open to changing your beliefs.