7 Ways to Manage your Vibe + 3 Ways to Manage Overwhelm

Those of you who practice the law of attraction know by now that it’s not just your thoughts that are important to watch,  it’s your vibe (energy you bring to what you are creating) where it all starts.

This came up again today on an amazing forum I’m a part of, where we are sharing our best practices, i.e., what we do to bring up our vibe / energy to high levels and how we can maintain them. 

I KNOW some of you have similar questions so I’m sharing what I shared on the forum and hope you’ll be inspired to find some ways that work for YOU too.

In which you Know What You Are Good At & Acknowledge It: 

For e.g.: What I do really really well is follow my fun, take inspired action and do what feels good! If that means not leaving the house for 2 days, so be it. If it means baking cakes at 10pm and eating half of it, I do it. If it means waiting till the last minute to make a decision, I do and it works out perfectly!

Sometimes it can feel like your inside child / teenager is running the show and all you do is make sure she/he has the space and freedom to follow her heart. Let them rule for a bit and see what happens.   

Action: Take a piece of paper or open a word document and write down ALL the things you are good at. 

In which you Learn Quick Fun Ways to Manage Your Vibe:

It MORE than helps to keep in mind that feeling good is what counts and will lead you to what you want.

#1 Gratitude and appreciation are big

 Wherever you are, look around and find something to appreciate. Usually something you take for granted that you’d really miss if it wasn’t around. E.g.: When I’m in the kitchen I’ll look at my microwave and smile cos I’m so happy to have it! And the green doors, the flowers my friend got me, the cute orange rug – I REALLY love and appreciate all my stuff everyday!  

# 2 This can lift your vibe sky high:

 put on a collection of happy songs (Like Pharrell Williams, Happy) and do a happy skippy dance or sing out REALLY loud to them. As you do, thank the Universe for your perfect life, awesome new home, fabulous clients, gorgeous bf/gf, promotion at work and everything else you have or are manifesting.  

#3 Take out stuff you kinda like or are tolerating 

– you know, those things that don’t make you happy looking at them (like old clothes you no longer like, papers all around, the cushion covers that need to R.I.P) – and let ‘em GO. Give/throw/sell. It’s a GREAT way to feel lighter and happier and you’ll be creating space for what REALLY gets your groove on!

#4 Rev up the MONEY vibe 

– When you take $ out of the ATM, whip out a pen and add numbers to it. E.g. if it shows $5,000  make it $50,000 or $15,000. Pick a number that feels GOOD to you and makes you smile. When bills show up, how about being appreciative of  the $ in your bank that lets you pay them? I usually say a little thanks and pretend its money coming in hehe.   

#5 Cultivate Trust and an Inner Knowing

that things always work out in your highest interest even if you can’t see that at the moment. Don’t be attached to having it the way you want. Ok we all get attached sometimes but if you can let that go (by focusing on what’s really behind that desire – happiness, love, joy etc.) you’ll find that you can be happy here and now. Practice makes perfect so keep practicing this belief till it starts feeling real to you.   

#6 Use your environment!I

  have little pretty sticky notes with short goals like “work 15 hours a week ” and “100 articles to my site by 2021″ stuck on my wall so I can see them all the time and keep focused. Think of how you’ll feel when that goal manifests and be that way now.  

#7  Pictures!!

 LOTS of photos of friends, good times at beaches, patios, concerts etc – pix of times you were really happy – create a picture wall and look at it when you need a vibe upper. Also a reminder of all that’s already good in your life and an indication of just how much you have ALREADY manifested.

How To Manage Confusion & Overwhelm

There are days when everything seems perfect. When life seems to be flowing smoothly.. you get a new client, make a big sale, your boss loves you, people rave about you, your partner is happy and loving, the kids are being angels, and progress is effortless.

And then there are the days mired in confusion, when nothing makes sense, when your wonderful new idea seems unattainable, your dreams seem distant and you can’t seem to get anything right.

What then? You know it’s a phase, but how do you get out of it? Here are a few tricks I use.

#1 Find the nearest book

Something on personal development, spirituality etc around you and ask “what do I need to know or hear most right now”.

Then open the book randomly. Nine times out of ten the answer will be in your face. I’ve done this without fail many times and always feel peaceful and calm with the result even if I don’t understand it at the time.

#2 Allow the moments of confusion.  

There will be moments of real clarity and just when you think you’ve got it figured out, confusion may set in.

Be OKAY with it for confusion could be your inner critic (known as saboteur) creating fear to stop you from moving ahead, or something else could be in the process of happening that will add to or be even better than you could have imagined.

Whatever the reason, by accepting the state that’s present, you will relax and let go of needing to know right away. And by doing that you’re back in flow again and leaving the door open for change.

#3 Distract your mind by physically moving around

Just going for a walk, listening to music, reading a book – anything that will get you up and moving.

When you are being active, more oxygen goes into the body (esp. the brain which consumes around 20% of the body’s oxygen intake!) and that increases mental abilities, reduces stress and fatigue and boosts the immune system – all of which helps bring in more focus and clarity.

Just try these 3 things the next time you feel overwhelmed and you’ll find it really makes a difference.

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