6 Steps to Release Attachment and Manifest Your Desires Faster

You probably already know how important it is to let go of any sort of neediness, desperation or attachment to manifesting your desires once you’ve set an Intention to attract them. Right?

But sometimes as you ALSO probably well know, it’s hard! When you really want that vacation, a raise, a new relationship, new clients, more time, a successful business, how do you let go of the attachment to the outcome?

1) Turn it over to the Universe

Write a list and get the Universe on the job. Throw a tantrum if you have to like I did last week! I told off the Universe for not doing the job, wrote a list of what I wanted, stuck it on the wall and said “All yours Universe, time for you to Step Up to the Plate thanks!”

2) Check your receiving radar

The Universe often delivers pretty soon after a demand like that! If you find yourself still sabotaging what you want, or if you get part of it but not all, sit down as ask yourself “am I really ready to receive”? There could be a block within that you may need to acknowledge and it’s now up to YOU to make sure you’re really ready to receive.

3) Change focus

After asking for something and giving it the energy etc, go do something else to take your mind of it. The more you start thinking about it, anxiety starts to creep in. So once the desire has been set, just stop thinking about it too much and wondering when it will happen.

4) Have Faith and Trust

Use words of trust and faith, belief and knowing that what you want is now yours in most magical ways. By refusing to wonder how, when, where etc, you’re trusting that the timing is always perfect and although you can’t see the bigger picture, you KNOW you’ll get what you want when the time is right.

5) Are you in Alignment?

Check to see how you’re still feeling about your desire. If fear has crept in, it’s a reminder to manage your vibe and get re-aligned with what you want. This is a daily practice! Music, visualization, scripting, day dreaming all work for me, find something that works for you.

6) This or something better

Repeat after me: “This or something better is now manifesting in my life for the highest good of all concerned.” When you say this, instant peace. Cos that’s exactly what will happen.

Maybe something is on it’s way that’s even better and beyond what you could have dreamed up for yourself. Have patience, trust the process and do your part by keeping yourself in alignment with your desires.

Try these practices when you feel that familiar attachment creep up on you to help bring you back to what’s really important – being happy in the here and now.

Are You Trying Too Hard?

To get it right?
To be perfect?
To win?
To do what you think you should do, so that things work out they way you think they should?

I have been. All month!

This was the month I was going to write my fabulous articles about money and our beliefs around them. When I was going to inspire many people to look into their beliefs, challenge them and help them change their money relationship. When I was going to power through and blow all obstacles out of the water!

I tried. I wrote a few drafts, I thought about the best way to write it etc.

And guess what? Nothing! No inspiration, no words flowing, nada.

Flavor of the month.. didn’t do what I said I would, my ezine was 2 days late, I didn’t go to the gym for 3 weeks, I’m feeling guilty about wasting money, not eating right etc. Pile it ON!

By resisting these feelings I was only making it worse. It took reading a blog post by my adopted (by me) mentor and most amazing friend Ms Maw to wake me up to what I’ve been doing.

Fighting the natural order of things, the way I am and trying to change too much too fast and expecting it to be perfect.
Now one might say there’s nothing wrong about expecting change to be perfect and one might agree but one might also have to be aligned with that feeling. Hello, I forgot that caterpillars have to wriggle their way of of their cocoon to turn into butterflies .. it can get a little uncomfortable at times I’m guessing.

When we feel resistance to not doing our best, that makes some of us not do our best .. actually it makes some of us not do anything at all! Until we feel guilty and do something totally uninspired.

For me, this month has been uninspiring in terms of writing blog posts – so I re-purposed 2 articles/ezine issues into posts. They turned out to be the ones with the least comments or engagement so far. The Universe sensed the energy it was done with, much?

  • So from not ever working out to going to the gym 4-5 times a week for a month = too much of a change for me to handle, hence 0 visits the 2nd month.
  • From writing hardly any blog posts to promising to write a great one that would change your life = setting myself up for failure.
  • From never joining contests to even caring about them to  joining a Best Coaching Blogs contest and wanting to win = I’m not good enough if I don’t. Being first means I’m the BEST, darn it! And BEST = Perfect!

I still want to win but it’s not *that* important anymore. Phew! Guess I’m not always going to be the best … get it right or be perfect or win or only do what feels good ay ;). Now how did I forget that? Ahh that’s right, cos I Was TRYING TOO HARD!You know what I’m talking about, don’t you.

Giving Up Resistance ~

So I’m relinquishing the fight as well. I give up expecting myself to know it all, have it all and look like I do. I give up the urge to tell myself I have too much to do and instead appreciate how much I’ve done!

And I know that when I write the Money and Beliefs post it will happen when the timing is perfect and will probably help more people when I do write it than if I did it last week. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I let go of my resistance to go the gym and stop sponsoring them thanks to my lack of usage. They’re nice people, they deserve my money! So, Gym people, you’re welcome to my $70 for May and I hope you spend it on lattes and ice-creams in this gorgeous weather.

I love how Inspired Action shows up when I’m least expecting it! From not being able to write for 2 weeks to banging out this post within minutes. That’s my feel good and that’s how I’ll always do it. Yeah!

This already feels lighter. This giving up resistance thing feels good.