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    Feminist Times presents: SEX INDUSTRY WEEK, 24th – 30th March

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    NHA Party: “Your NHS is being destroyed and you don’t even know it”

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    Congo Stigmata: The day Ensler crucified herself by Jude Wanga

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    Hila Beyovits-Hoffman's Guide to being a woman in 21st century Israel

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    Women's History Month: 100 years on we've forgotten the women writers of WW1

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    How the youths’ villain went from Thatcher to Harry Styles



Radical Agony Aunts: “I don’t respect my passive boyfriend”

Radical Agony Aunts | 2014-04-17

Our Radical Agony Aunts respond to a question on hypocrisy in relationships.

#SexIndustryWeek: Dworkin was right about porn

Glosswitch | 2014-03-25

"Feminism has to do more than simply polish patriarchy’s turds," says Glosswitch on porn, feminism and moral panic.

A Womb With A View: Antenatal depression

Jude Rogers | 2014-03-14

We all know about post-natal depression, but what about antenatal depression?

Marie Stopes

The march backwards: Women’s sexual & reproductive rights at risk

Thilde Knudsen | 2014-04-15

Marie Stopes International's Thilde Knudsen on recent attacks against reproductive rights.

Happy fatties are erased from the media

Scottee | 2014-04-11

The mainstream media censors the joy of fat people through fear of promoting obesity.

Manifesto: Doctors of the World campaign for women to be “Names not Numbers”

Doctors of the World | 2014-04-09

Doctors of the World present the manifesto for their Names Not Numbers campaign.

Charlotte's Editorial

Becoming Advertising

Charlotte Raven | 2014-04-10

Now even the Guardian's at it, will it be long before reality segues seamlessly into advertising? Or has it already happened?

#SexIndustryWeek: Review – Playing The Whore

Charlotte Raven | 2014-03-24

Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Raven kicks off #SexIndustryWeek with her review of 'Playing The Whore'.

Again! Again!

Charlotte Raven | 2014-03-21

Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Raven hymns the redemptive power of running jokes.


The Daily Fail doth protest too much

Editorial Team | 2014-04-16

This morning's Daily Mail gets all defensive as UK is branded sexist by UN special rapporteur.

Be a girl with a mind, be treated like a dog on its hind legs

Kat Lister | 2014-04-15

Kat Lister raises a popular question once more: do we really need a women's book prize?

Review: Everyday Sexism

Lee Chalmers | 2014-04-14

Lee Chalmers, a Founder Member of Feminist Times, reviews the Everyday Sexism book.


Leftover Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China

Sarah Graham | 2014-04-16

An in-depth Q&A on Chinese gender politics, with journalist & author Leta Hong Fincher.

EVAW welcomes UN expert’s comments on UK’s ‘sexist culture’

End Violence Against Women Coalition | 2014-04-16

The End Violence Against Women Coalition respond to Rashida Manjoo's comments.

The most badass women in history: Sister Like You

Jade Coles | 2014-04-04

Jade Coles on why we need to learn some lessons from history's most notorious women and demand more power in our lives.

Hard Times

‘Manifestly Inadequate’: austerity and cuts are punishing and devastating

Philippa Willitts | 2014-04-08

Philippa Willitts looks at the impact of austerity on the lives of disabled women.

Hackney’s Active Citizens

Active Citizens | 2014-04-02

Young people from Shoreditch Trust's Active Citizen's programme present their arguments for change.

#SexIndustryWeek: Playing The Whore – The Saviors

Melissa Gira Grant | 2014-03-28

The fifth and final extract from our exclusive serialisation of 'Playing The Whore'.

Money & Work

£500 million Easter indulgence in perspective

Sarah Graham | 2014-04-17

Deputy Editor Sarah Graham looks at our national £500 million spending on Easter chocolate.

Womb with a View: Bounty – I’ve got my best “fuck-off face” ready

Jude Rogers | 2014-04-04

In her final column before giving birth, Jude Rogers reminds us of the continuing presence of Bounty on maternity wards.

Creatures of Adland: collective nouns for advertisers

Editorial Team | 2014-04-01

Introducing Creatures of Adland, a blog project holding a mirror up to the advertising industry.

What is Feminism? banner

Hannah Wheatley: Feminism is…

Guest | 2014-04-14

Hannah Wheatley tells us what feminism means to her.

Feminism cannot compromise on the liberation of women

Louise Pennington | 2014-04-09

Compromise cannot and should not be a feminist policy, argues Louise Pennington.

Be prepared to compromise or ‘feminism’ will be a dirty word once again

Natasha Devon | 2014-04-07

Fourth wave feminism is in danger of being derailed, warns Body Gossip's Natasha Devon, unless we sugar the medicine.


Disabled Dating: I am not a freak, I am not a fetish

Lisa Jenkins | 2014-04-15

Disabled women have the right to be sexual beings too, writes Lisa Jenkins, but don't fetishise.

“You’re such a nice girl, why aren’t you married?”

Suzanne Heintz | 2014-04-02

What drove photographer Suzanne Heintz to take a family of mannequins on holiday?

Put your money where your rights are: Top 5 of Lesbian Wedding Gumpf

Editorial Team | 2014-03-31

We're celebrating everyone having the right to spend a fortune on a wedding.


You don’t only get photographed when you’re eating

Deborah Coughlin | 2014-04-17

Tube eating shame photographs are the tip of a massive iceberg of creep shots.

“Crying wolf”: Why don’t the police believe women?

Anna Fryer | 2014-04-03

Psychiatrist Anna Fryer analyses the police force to try and discover why women are so often still not believed.

#SexIndustryWeek: Playing The Whore – The Stigma

Melissa Gira Grant | 2014-03-27

The fourth extract from our exclusive serialisation of 'Playing The Whore'.

Utopia & End Times

Obituary: Nuts Magazine

Kate Smurthwaite | 2014-04-01

Comedian Kate Smurthwaite bids good riddance to Nuts magazine, after IPC announced its closure yesterday.

#SexIndustryWeek: We can’t have good sex in an unequal society

Susan Dowell | 2014-03-28

From the Puritans to Josephine Butler, Susan Dowell explores a history of sex industry free utopias and what they can offer us.

Emmeline Pankhurst turns up in a pancake

Sarah Graham | 2014-03-04

Celebrate Pancake Day with your very own Pankhurst Pancake.